So as we get up there in years we begin to ponder

Is what there is that lies ahead, something that we wonder

I wonder if I lived a life of dreams or was it a pack of lies

When I thought I was serving the Lord it was the devil in disguise

Is there really nothing, arte there the Pearly Gates, or hell below

No one gets the answer until it is their time to go..

This is just a passing thought by tomorrow it will fade,

I will live with my wish that when I go it will be in my own parade.

I was sure no Saint and I am sure I had a life of sin.

But the good outweighed the bad, in the end I am sure I will win.

So I will wait to the end of the book before I say the end,

The only thing I know for sure is that Life was my friend.

:wrote by Ron Lemco  8/19/2017


After staying out all night playing poker I came up with this. Most may not understand unless you have played some poker!


Yeah, it creeps into me like a feeling of unconcern

The power of control burning into my wits of unease feelings

But I love it and all the fruits of hidden emotions.

It is a love hate every time I play,

with the outcome of uncertainty.

The reach into my pocket for more ammunition,

knowing it would be better to leave,

But I can’t , the ugly bad beat lights a fuse,

and I reenter into the light to get even,

I could leave this zone for the morrows to come,

but I choose to end it today, like there is no tomorrow.

I accept the torture and the ugly pit gut feelings,

the flashes in my mind of a great outcome.

Not always loss as many times I come out the winner.

But the loss of time is never recaptured .

Yeah, poker is a monster, a game fit for kings,

who once were, but never has been.

Tonight I dream of the monster.

Making America Great Again?

Donald Trump is saying he wants to make America great again.

Who you talking to Donald ? America is already Great, there is no again.

We have always been great, because we have the best people in the world.

We have some funky politicians sure, we have a greed amongst big corporations,

but don’t down play Donald the fact we are still the greatest country in the world.

Sure we need some change, of cause there are wrongs that need to be corrected,

But our freedoms, our constitutional rights are powerful and we still retain those,

no matter what you have to say to run for office, do not forget .


Flowing, it is what I do best!

I flow because it is the easiest way to travel

I go down which ever road I wish to chose

I take life to it’s fullest, as I prefer to win.

Rather then want to lose.

I have lived a life of leaser I know no other way

Sure I had my share of bumps, But I rode them,

For just up ahead was fun and play.

I flow because there is to much to fight,

Maybe I have some toss and turn nights,

But when nothing can be done to make wrong right,

I lose that thought and see only happy sights.1happy ron

Rest Stop & my trip to Las Vegas

Ron's face book photo.I have sold 14 Audio Books of Rest Stop and don’t know why, I have not done any promotions yet.
But if some of my friends would like to hear it, WARNING it is almost 12 hours of listening, But Let me know I have 3 codes, I can give away for you to hear Rest Stop in the audio version.

Well , I got to go pack as I am leaving for 5 days to Las Vegas, Val will be with me the first 2 days with 2 of her friends she works with, should be alot of fun.
Then Friday I play in a $150,000 free roll poker tournament playing against not poker player’s but people who earned the entry by using their total rewards card. so I will be a fox in the pen with a lot of chickens, I like my chances.
Wish me luck, as it is still a 80% luck factor.

Time keeps on Slippen

at the fair

So I find this old photo of me , the kids, my wife from 1995 Puyallup Fair.

And I see how a photo can be a 1000 words.

Mostly I see family and how they become your whole life. I say that as each of us have drifted into our own worlds. All going in different directions, all with goals of their own.

Yet it doesn’t change the fact we are Family and will always have a closeness that is not unique over other family’s, but it is my special Family, and I am proud to call them :My Family”


Women of Circumstance

women Of Circumstance Cover 2When I wrote this Novel “Women of Circumstance my first thoughts were why people go to prison. What made it come to the point of risking freedom.
Sure some are just low life’s and they are where they belong. But that was not my mind thought when I wrote the novel. The book is about 4 women and the circumstances of how they ended up in prison, that if circumstance was different, if they were raised in different settings their life’s would of been different. Yet once in prison they did what must be done in order to survive. These 4 women were not meant to be where they were and derive a plan to escape. Escape puts people in a different frame of mind and now they have learned how to act and think like criminals. My Novel is available on Amazon. ‪#‎women‬-of-circumstance Photo is from the cover of my novel.

Women of Circumstance is being made into an Audio and will be available in March 2016

The Writers Curse

Any writer has been here.


A thought about what a person is writing enters into his head.

It becomes a vision and then, like magic, he begins to see a dialog.

He is trying to sleep but words are escalating taking control.

Jumping from his bed he writes notes he needs to contain.

All too often a image is lost and recollection is not the same.

Notes no longer satisfy the thoughts that must be transposed.

After a fix here, a fix there, he climbs back in bed. . . One thousand words later.

Do you throw away old shoes?

I have some old shoes but they still have tread left on them, so I figure I will keep them for work shoes, even tho’ I have never had a job that required work shoes.

Ok so I will keep them to do my lawn, but I never change when I mow the lawn and my wife yells at me when I keep them on. Or says, thought you kept some old shoes to do the yard work in. She thinks I do y ard work. If mowing the lawn is yard work then i guess she is right,.. Oh by the way, spend the extra 100 bucks and get the cordless lawn mower, moving my cord all the time is a pain in the ass.. Oh back to old shoes.

I had some old shoes that are gone, I miss them, I think my wife throws them away, I can’t remember what they were but i miss them anyway..I think that I will donate my old shoes to the homeless, but I wear size 6 and a half and I don’t remember seeing any short homeless people. I can see them tieing my shoes together and throwing them over some phone wires. I would be driving down the road and there would be my shoes hanging for the whole world to see. Everyone I know would know they were mine by the size.

Na, i am going to keep my old shoes and just hide them from the wife. Maybe I will do some yard work in order for my old shoes to have purpose.